Monday, February 2, 2015

Feeding the birds

After 16 years I'm still not quite used to the European winters.  This time of year I still turn green with envy when reading Facebook posts and blogs of friends spending Christmas holidays on sunny white beaches and enjoying BBQ Christmas lunches and huge watermelons.

Fortunately there are also things I grew to like.  Things to color in the endless gray cloudy days.  Thick woolen scarves and gloves.  Bulbs creeping out between rotten Autum leaves, showing their green stems long before one expects any sign of Spring. Red holly berries which I thought only exist on Christmas cards!  And fresh white powdery snow!

And having to feed hungry birds in the garden by making colorful ornaments out of fruits, nuts and popcorn.  Inspired by many blogs and ideas in magazines, I decided to give it a try this year.

For extra inspiration I invited 3 friends over to enjoy an afternoon of chatting, drinking coffee and being really creative!  The chatting part went really well.  The coffee later changed into wine.  And being creative, well................ let's just say, some of us tried a little harder than others!  But then it was all about enjoying the afternoon and that we certainly did!

A slight Christmas vibe in the back garden.  Haven't heard any bird complaining though.

Almost edible!  And yes, there was wine too!  And not for the birds!

Dried oranges.  The one I decided not to share with the little birdies.

Pretty little mixtures of lard, bird food and fresh cranberries.  

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