Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Trying dyeing. First attempt.

I've always wanted to try tie dying again and since I now got to a stage in my life where doing really nice things are never too much trouble. I bought some dye to give it a try.  It ended up being lots of fun, even though I walked around with really ugly blue hands for a few days!  (Just could not find those plastic gloves that we had left over in the camper at the end of our Alaskan trip last year!!)

This was the very first attempt, choosing blue because even in the worst of cases, blue in combination with white turns out to be okay.  I simply tied pieces of hemp string around the fabric and was quite surprised with the results.


Then it happened....  the more I 'googled' and 'pinterested', the more I got addicted to tie dying, shibori and anything remotely connected to  soaking bundles of cotton fabric in beautifully colored water.  I tried a few shibori techniques which turned out really pretty.

Simply putting elastic bands over small bundles of fabric.



Wrapping and tying the cotton around a plastic tube.


And my favorite, wrapping the cotton around a piece of hard plastic and tightly fasten it with elastic bands.  Resulting in unpredictable block patterns.


The next step would be to try out natural dyes.  I like the simplicity of the whole idea  -  simple soft undyed cotton combined with leaves, flowers, fruits or vegetables which grow in my garden, the forest or just sit there in the fruit and vegetable basket waiting to be turned into something pretty!

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